• AoQ nights

    We’ve started doing weekly community nights for all AoQ members. We will be playing team games, fun game modes like CBA and occasionally we will also try out other games together. We have long list with ideas and look forward to playing more frequently with each other. No matter if the game is Age of…

  • Lady of the Elephant hosted by Nodscouter

    Lady of the Elephant hosted by Nodscouter

    This exciting elephant-themed 1v1 tournament is starting on 13th of June. Only elephant civilizations will be allowed in this event and to honour elephants even further, Nodscouter came up with an amazing concept: Elephant Appreciation Points. Based on admin decision the creative use of elephants will be rewarded. Tune in on Nodscouters’ Twitch Channel! https://www.twitch.tv/nodscouter/

  • Women in Casting

    We hosted a discord stage event discussing the use of prounouns in casting, representation of women in the community and female casters. LilT and sunsetfire shared their personal experience. Check out the recording of the live-discussion on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbdjjVQr1S4