• Mental Health in Gaming

    Mental Health in Gaming

    This was the third Discord Stage event hosted by Age of Queens. In this panel we talked about all pros and cons about mental health in gaming. How did gaming affect us in our experiences?What do scientific studies say? How can we improve the mental health of players?What interactions do we have in online communities…

  • Chaos Cluster

    Chaos Cluster

    This 4v4 event was focused on fun for the community. Chaos Cluster had unique settings and crazy maps, resulting in some epic games. Viewers were able to vote for their favorite teams. Maps: Mega Random, Amazon Tunnel 10x shared civ bonus, Forest Nothing 256x Tech with 2 exploding kings, Tulgey Wood

  • Age4Queens


    The Age of Queens Community hosted an Age of Empires 4 Showmatch on 27th of November. The teams competed in a Best of 5, the winning team received random Steam keys as a small prize. This was the first event organized by Age of Queens that focused on a different game of the Age of…