Lady of the Elephant hosted by Nodscouter

This exciting elephant-themed 1v1 tournament is starting on 13th of June. Only elephant civilizations will be allowed in this event and to honour elephants even further, Nodscouter came up with an amazing concept: Elephant Appreciation Points. Based on admin decision the creative use of elephants will be rewarded. Tune in on Nodscouters' Twitch Channel!

2022-06-01 by TinyTriss

Women in Casting

We hosted a discord stage event discussing the use of prounouns in casting, representation of women in the community and female casters. LilT and sunsetfire shared their personal experience. Check out the recording of the live-discussion on Youtube:

2022-05-10 by TinyTriss

Queens' Charity Clash

Age of Queens is happy to present Queens' Charity Clash: A fundraising event featuring a series of Ao2:DE showmatches played by women during Women's History Month. Teams will each represent one of two charities that support women, Girls Who Code or Games and Online Harassment Hotline, in a month-long showdown for top donations! Players will compete individually or as a team to score points for their charity. All money donated by you the viewer will be split between the two charities based on points the players earn. Everyone who donates will essentially be supporting two organizations, but will the one you're rooting for come out victorious? Come find out and stop by our Age of Queens Twitch Team page to find women streamers who will be playing and casting, as well as anyone in the community participating in the open streaming of this event. The opening ceremony will commence on International Women's Day, Tuesday March 8th. We'll start off with a 4v4, all 5 games played, showmatch, followed by two weekends of multi-player events and a grand finale March 30th, featuring a 1v1 showmatch between our highest ranking players. Don't miss out on the fun! You can find more information on the public AoQ server: Throw your money here, now! To donate:

2022-03-02 by TinyTriss


The Age of Queens Community hosted an Age of Empires 4 Showmatch on 27th of November. The teams competed in a Best of 5, the winning team received random Steam keys as a small prize. This was the first event organized by Age of Queens that focused on a different game of the Age of Empires Franchise. More events like this will keep coming, if there is demand for it. The event was streamed on (POV) and on

2021-12-01 by TinyTriss

EndoWar 2

EndoWar is an event with the goal to gather donations for an association fighting against endometriosis (ENDOmind), through merciless battles opposing Kings and Queens specially invited for the occasion. MAIN EVENT: 16th and 17th of OCTOBER. The players of the event are: Gabi, Lavie head, Mica, Sunsetfire, Wraith, TheMole, Grunthor and Capout. FORMAT: Players will play on the 1v1 Empire Wars mode and on the RedBull Wololo V maps. Each player who wins a game brings one point back to his/her team. This means that, while a player may personally win the finale, his/her team still needs to have collected the highest number of points to win the overall tournament. One FFA will also be live-played and streamed with one or more special guests, who will be revealed shortly. Donation goals and give-aways will also be part of the show! Watch here:

2021-10-01 by TinyTriss

AoQ nights

We've started doing weekly community nights for all AoQ members. We will be playing team games, fun game modes like CBA and occasionally we will also try out other games together. We have long list with ideas and look forward to playing more frequently with each other. No matter if the game is Age of Empires, Among Us or Cards Against Humanity, the ultimate goal is to have fun together and to bond more with the community. Most likely you will also see AoQ night live on Twitch at some point, since we have so many streamers in the community. I hope you will enjoy our girls night as much as we do.

2021-09-22 by TinyTriss

Nodscouter's Relay Rumble

We want to promote a very special event today. Nodscouter is hosting the wonderful Relay Rumble - A tournament with a special twist: It's a team game event, but the players will each only be playing one Age. In this format it's mandatory that the players are switched after each Age up (there is an exception allowing one player to play Dark Age and Feudal Age if desired). Nodscouter is a popular member of the Age of Queens community and we recently added her as a mod on our AoQ clan server. She has already hosted the historic Rivalries Cup and she participated in lots of AoQ events. Here are the links to the more detailed rules and for the sign ups to Relay Rumble:

2021-07-18 by TinyTriss

Age of Queers

On Saturday 26th of June at 21 GMT we will be celebrating Pride Month in a special way. We are hosting our first public Discord stage event. Our fabulous speakers will be talking about their experience as an LGBTQ+ member of the gaming community. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and we hope to have a valuable dialog about these topics. I believe a conversation like this is important to raise awareness about the diversity of the community.

2021-06-24 by TinyTriss

Castle Gala

Welcome to the Grand Castle Gala! Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s dance together at our Castle Gala. For this unique tournament This is a 2v2 tournament for mixed doubles (one AoQ member and one male participant per team).The tournament is held on our public clan server AoQc and friends.To fit the theme the starting map is always Regicide Fortress and all players start with a Royal Couple.The tournament is hosted by Age of Queens in cooperation with Lord Patio.

2021-06-15 by TinyTriss

Queen's Clash

This year we celebrated International Women’s Day with an epic battle. The 1v1 tournament Queen’s Clash was kindly sponsored and supported by World’s Edge. In this tournament 44 players competed against each other for a total prize pool of $5000. The tournament was played in two groups: 32 players played against each other in Silver League. The 12 highest rated players competed in Gold League. Check out the past event sections of our website to find the brackets and all the details about the placing.

2021-06-10 by TinyTriss

Age of Queens 1v1 Second Edition

Not too long after our first tournament we hosted another one: Age of Queens 1v1 second edition. This time the format was Single Elimination and in total 23 players participated. League 2 was for players below 1.1k 1v1 elo. Players with higher elo were competing in League 1. This is an aspect that was always important to me in the community: I want people to be included and allowed to participate in the events regardless of their skill level. I have heard from a lot of players 'I am not good enough to compete in a tournament.' and I believe events should always if possible be structured so that players can join in and have fun regardless of their skill level. Grouping the players together by skill level really helps to result in close games that are fun for everybody to play and watch. The total prize pool of the event was 150€. For details about the placing and the brackets check out the 'Past events' section of the website.

2021-09-06 by TinyTriss

Age of Queens 1v1 First Edition

Originally, I thought Age of Queens would only be one event and I imagined that I would be hosting it as a 1v1 tournament for female AoE2 players annually. However, when I started contacting women of the community, most of them were thrilled about a server dedicated to them. The number of members increased quickly, and I noticed there was not only the need for one tournament. There was the need to get connected as a community. This is why the first edition of the Age of Queens 1v1 tournament will always have a special place in my heart. It is how it all started. In hindsight I have to admit not everything was perfect back then. With every tournament that the Age of Queens community has hosted we have modified the rules and improved them. I think this will be an ongoing process for a long time. I believe not too many people even heard about our very first tournament. Over time the movement behind Age of Queens became bigger and bigger. However, when I look back I am proud of what we did back then. It was a tournament with 25 participants playing in two Leagues. The format was double elimination. I think that is a lot of participants considering that the female community wasn’t very well connected yet and the prize pool was symbolic (in total 70 USD worth of steam gift cards). This is how it all began.

2021-06-01 by TinyTriss


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