• Women in Casting

    We hosted a discord stage event discussing the use of prounouns in casting, representation of women in the community and female casters. LilT and sunsetfire shared their personal experience. Check out the recording of the live-discussion on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbdjjVQr1S4

  • Queens’ Charity Clash

    Queens’ Charity Clash

    Age of Queens is happy to present Queens’ Charity Clash: A fundraising event featuring a series of Ao2:DE showmatches played by women during Women’s History Month. Teams will each represent one of two charities that support women, Girls Who Code or Games and Online Harassment Hotline, in a month-long showdown for top donations! Players will…

  • EndoWar 2

    EndoWar 2

    EndoWar is an event with the goal to gather donations for an association fighting against endometriosis (ENDOmind), through merciless battles opposing Kings and Queens specially invited for the occasion. MAIN EVENT: 16th and 17th of OCTOBER. The players of the event are: Gabi, Lavie head, Mica, Sunsetfire, Wraith, TheMole, Grunthor and Capout. FORMAT: Players will…