25 years AoE

Hello! We would like to wish the Age of Empires franchise a very happy πŸŽ‚ 25th birthday πŸŽ‚ and many more years of success! Here are some stories and memories from some members of our community:

“I have very fond memories of playing aoe2 with my brother when we were growing up. We used to tower rush vs AI every game. It was perfect.” – Tiny Triss

“Age of Empires has been teaching me life lessons since I received the disk in a cereal box up until now, and that will surely continue into the future! I love this game.” – LilT

“I’ve been playing this game since it came out, but we didn’t have the internet so I would always play against the AI or obsess over designing maps in scenario editor that nobody would ever play. It makes me so happy now to have people to share this game with, and that so many people still play it!” – The Silver Lady

“When I was young a friend tried talking me into playing aoe2. I was addicted to an Anno game at the time so I refused for months. Afterwards aoe become my all time favorite game, I met my partner through it and now I’m traveling across several countries with our aoe friends to watch Wololo in Heidelberg.” – Eleda au Venatus

First played AoE when my father bought it upon release and have thoroughly enjoyed it over the last 25 yearsβ€”from reading paragraphs of ancient history to teaming up with friends against AI and now grinding the multiplayer ladder, I could have never conceived how much the AoE franchise would keep being such an impactful part of my life.” – oceaningabyss