Queen’s Clash 2

Ladies, gather your armies and get ready for battle! Age of Queens is happy to present Queen’s Clash II. the premier Age of Empires II tournament for women, coming this March. Showcase your strategic powers and reign supreme as the ultimate conqueror.
Don’t miss the chance to prove yourself amongst the best and become the Gold League Queen or the Silver League Princess. Grab your mouse and keyboard and let the games begin!

Gold League

Name Elo
Gabi 2258
Abby 2030
Mica_ 1988
Dragon 1766
Sunsetfire 1700
BlackBaby 1686
Luna 1649
Nodscouter 1648

Silver League

Name Elo
GuKi 1641
Sofyy 1606
CharChar 1580
Julinse 1574
Qwin 1574
Ottilia 1568
Akroma 1549
KaneteTV 1510
Hannah_ 1507
Crabsicle 1491
Albaricuki 1472
Elhyar 1454
Ciruelitaruby 1453
BasicallyBebe 1446
DanielaAoE 1442
Renee 1411

Bronze League

Name Elo
Daniela 1376
StellarMeesh 1376
Daehiise 1350
Apach2412 1326
Salchigoddess 1326
Oceaningabyss 1300
Eleda au Venatus 1285
SHell 1273
Thel 1221
MangoMel 1210
RoseLG 1128
Autumnal Spices 1128
Flower 1079
A small dog 961
Viri 951
Suansita 939
Scoutingfox 749

Click HERE for the Gold bracket


Profits from here go directly to the prize pool


Round 1: March 8-19
Round 2: March 20-26
Round 3: March 27- April 2
Round 4: April 2-9
Round 5: April 10-16
Finals Gold League: April 22-23
Finals Silver: April 29-30
Finals Bronze: April 29-30

Map Pool

Arena, African Clearing, Atacama, Black Forest, Four Lakes, Enclosed, Golden Swamp, Hide Out, Socotra


See our Guide book for reference to refer to the rules


Anybody can stream the event or cast games. There are no stream delay requirements. Please display the Queen’s Clash 2 logo on your stream and include “Queen’s Clash 2” in your stream title

Prize Pool

Consider donating directly to the prize pool or becoming a sponsor!Current minimum prize pool: $1000. If you want to contribute to the prize pool, donate here