Age of Queens 1v1 First Edition

Originally, I thought Age of Queens would only be one event and I imagined that I would be hosting it as a 1v1 tournament for female AoE2 players annually. However, when I started contacting women of the community, most of them were thrilled about a server dedicated to them. The number of members increased quickly, and I noticed there was not only the need for one tournament. There was the need to get connected as a community. This is why the first edition of the Age of Queens 1v1 tournament will always have a special place in my heart. It is how it all started. In hindsight I have to admit not everything was perfect back then. With every tournament that the Age of Queens community has hosted we have modified the rules and improved them. I think this will be an ongoing process for a long time. I believe not too many people even heard about our very first tournament. Over time the movement behind Age of Queens became bigger and bigger. However, when I look back I am proud of what we did back then. It was a tournament with 25 participants playing in two Leagues. The format was double elimination. I think that is a lot of participants considering that the female community wasn’t very well connected yet and the prize pool was symbolic (in total 70 USD worth of steam gift cards). This is how it all began.