I received Age of Empires with my family's newly purchased Microsoft computer back in 1998. My sister and I quickly became addicted. My obsession with Age of Empires evolved when Age of Kings came out, and eventually I began playing online multiplayer (MSN Zone) during the summer of '02. . I was hooked on DM Franks War. Deathmatch was always my favorite and still is. I played off and on over the years on Voobly. In 2017, I found myself between careers and with the spare time, I decided to start streaming on Twitch, playing the HD Edition. Nomad TGs was my go-to and still one of my favorite maps! Outside of AoE2, I love getting outside to hike, bike, and paddleboard. I am lucky to live in Colorado where there are plenty of lakes, trails and delicious beer!

BlackBaby (Irina)

My name is Irina, I am 25 years old. I am from Russia, I live in the city of Surgut. It is very cold in the North here in winter and summer. I work in the field of economics.I am smiling, I like to laugh, to joke, I try to treat life with humor and positivity. I am smiling, I like to laugh, to joke, I try to treat life with humor and positivity. Always open to new acquaintances. I am a keen person, so I have many different hobbies. I went to art school as a child, but then I dropped out. Although I still love to draw, but now I prefer to do active sports: dancing, in winter - snowboarding. I met the Age of Empires game as a child, my dad played it, and I sat next to him and watched))) that's how my love for this strategy was born. I started playing this game a year ago, I saw that my friend is playing Age of Empires II DE and decided to try again too. This is the best game, I have a special love for it.


Helloooo I'm Laura from the north of México, my life is about being constantly traveling between two countries, México and USA. Im graphic designer and a mom of new born twins (two boys n.n). I play AoEII since a year ago or a little bit more, my friends and I have a clan: Exile Team and we get much fun playing AoE, I also love to draw, make new friends, I like to read about science, philosophy and innovation. I started to stream in Twitch a few months ago, not frequently but working in that. I speak Spanish and poorly in English hope to improve that and also my level at AOE because my heart is broken every time I lose hahaha (always) very noob but I'm a masochistic as I see...


TinyTriss is the founder of the Age of Queens community and its official Discord server. She has hosted multiple Age of Queens tournaments and enjoys participating in all sorts of Age of Empires events. Her first experience with AoE II involves watching her brother play in her early childhood. It didn’t take long until she started playing it herself with friends at LAN Parties. With the release of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in 2019, she rekindled her love for the game once again. Furthermore, she is a passionate streamer on Twitch who has been playing a variety of games for over 4 years. Recently she’s been streaming Age of Queens tournament games and ranked 1v1 matches.


Hi I am ArtemizPlayz, or Arti, known and much-feared for my sillyness and bad gameplay (learning to improve though! Just slowly. Very slowly....)! I am happy and honored to call myself one of the very first members of AoQ as well as their Twitch Team! Hereby, I am keen to support and push forward the equality and visibility of women in Age of Empires. In my Twitch streams and Youtube videos I am playing fun teamgames with guests and communities as well as try to improve with coachings and deliver help content for my fellow low elo people out there! For the future of AoQ, I hope we will be able to further grow the community of all these amazing ladies and work together with events and actions to make equality and tolerance normality.


I'm a trans woman who loves to play archers & drush FC.

LilTrouble__ (Bebe)

LilTrouble is a partnered AoE II Twitch Streamer who is known for her creative ways of bringing people together over a shared love of Age of Empires. Since connecting with the game two years ago, LT has hosted and participated in many events, raised over $21,000 AUD for charity, and was the host of the Red Bull Wololo III tournament in early 2021. She has a passion for the ladder grind, enjoys playing campaigns, and loves sharing every '11' and '24' moment with her community. Being able to use her platform to promote inclusivity and raise the voices of women is something that LilT is particularly grateful for.


I started playing aoe2 in 2000. It was an on and off thing, and at one point many years passed before I decided to get back into it, and drag my partner into it as well. My first online multiplayer game was in 2017 on HD on steam. I quit playing for a year and then got back into DE as soon as it was released. After that I was introduced to the community through watching streamers on Twitch. I think for all its flaws, the age of empires community is one of the best out there, it can be a wonderful community and I was lucky enough to meet many awesome people in it. I'm particularly fond of the Age of Queens sub-community, the aim of which is to empower and support women who play age of empires 2 and I'm happy to be part of an admin team of women who are so passionate about the game and the community. I can say that I am proud of the way in which our little community of women from all over the world is evolving, and that is why to me it felt worth introducing to everyone who plays this game, so I founded the Age of Queens clan server in 2021, in the hopes that it would be a public platform for us women, and our voice in the larger age of empires community; a place that can grant everyone access into our tournaments and events whether to watch, cast, or even sometimes partiticipate, and to promote our members: streamers, content creators, mod creators, campaign creators, and players, in a supportive environment for women. I'm very excited to see our community continue to grow and I can't wait to meet more wonderful women who like us, love this game.


I enjoy aoe2, powerlifting and excessive desserts.


I love hippos and Age of Empires II.


Hey, I'm Nicole. I started playing Age 1 when I was 9 after watching my dad play it for countless hours. He was big into RTS and Strategic War Board Games which influenced me greatly at a young age. After playing on and off for 20 years, I started playing Definitive Edition in March of 2020 and became obsessed! I'm an avid gamer but also enjoy painting/drawing, playing sports, going to live shows, traveling, and kickin' it back with a cold drink. Born in the USA (NJ) but have lived in Canada for ~10 years.


A little girl from Taiwan who loves to play video games. Started to play AOE in 2020. Better at team games than 1v1. Like to work with teammates. I like to share my life and bring joy to the audience.